We’re just better on paper.

Oren International is a global leader and expert in the paper converting, printing and paper sales industry.

We’re not your typical paper converting company. We welcome the challenge of developing quality custom paper solutions that solve real business problems in new ways, from promotional items to transforming parts of your product to make it more efficient or green.

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Paper is our passion. We’ll do what it takes to come up with the most creative, practical and cost effective paper solution for your business. Go ahead, just ask.

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bullet The Insider's Guide to Flexographic Printing 

Find out everything you need to know about flexographic printing from how it works to what it is used for to key features to look for in your flexographic printing company. 

Learn more about flexographic printing in our guide. 

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bullet Did you know...paper can actually save your restaurant money!

Learn how custom paper products can boost your restaurant's bottom line through creative executions from table top to basket liner. 

Get great ideas for your restaurant in our guide. 


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