Enhance Restaurant Branding with Printed Butcher Paper

While serving high-quality and well-crafted cuisine is essential to a restaurant’s success, one could argue that the presentation and display of the food is just as important. Consider items like table covers, basket liners, and custom printed menus. Each of these printed paper items offers an opportunity for custom branding that can create a lasting impression long after the meal is complete.

In fact, printed paper products can capture attention and convey a restaurant's concept and personality in a way that customers can easily see and touch. Consider printing your logo or custom artwork on tray covers or basket liners, or inscribe your restaurant's story or ordering tips directly on table covers.

Adding custom branding allows you to make use of your paper's blank space to make your logo more visible, while offering customers something entertaining or valuable while they dine.

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From food trucks to fine dining, and every type of eatery in between, we supply the full spectrum of restaurants with custom printed kraft paper and 100% FDA-approved butcher paper. See how a few of our restaurant partners have created a memorable impression and improved their brand awareness by making a simple change and taking advantage of the restaurant paper they are already using.


Historical New Orleans restaurant, Bayona featured artwork on their restaurant table paper.


Sway restaurant added unique printing to bourbon tear-off kraft paper menus.


TV personality and chef Andrew Zimmern's food truck, AZ Canteen branded tray and basket liners with their logo.


Big Pink in Miami, Florida added custom printing to its sandwich wrapping paper.

Here are a some restaurant branding resources that you might find helpful:

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