Floor Protection Paper

One of the most important precautions during any construction project is ensuring the finished areas remain in perfect condition. Between the equipment, materials and foot traffic involved in construction, a building’s floors are at a major risk for damage. From large-scale commercial projects to mid-sized renovations, nearly all construction projects need temporary floor protection to avoid scratches and stains. 

Our heavy-duty floor board installs quickly to protect floor surfaces from paint, mud, water, driven machinery, foot traffic, blunt force impacts, and more. It is re-usable, making it easy for contractors to get the most out of the floor board. After a construction project is complete, simply roll and store the board until it’s needed again.

What surfaces does floor board protect?

- Concrete
- Wood
- Tile
- Stone
- Linoleum
- Vinyl Composition Tile
- Epoxy
- Many other floor types

Though it is mostly used to temporarily cover floors, heavy floor paper can also be used to protect wall surfaces, stairs or counters from fluids during an installation or renovation.

Heavy Floor Board Features

- Heavy-duty, re-usable 
- Lays out fast
- Breathable
- Thicker than Rosin & Masonite
- Non-Staining
- Save on labor & damage repair

Heavy Floor Board Specs

- 38 inches wide X 100 feet
- 45# per roll
- 16 rolls per pallet
- .042 high-sized chipboard

Our floor board comes in two grades: Heavy (.042 thick) and Medium (.035 thick).

Working on a small project? We also offer heavy kraft paper rolls (contractor rolls), 36 inches wide X 144 feet for the job. 

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