At Oren International, we value our relationships with paper distributors.

Whether you want to customize an order or stay true to a budget, we will work with you to deliver the exact paper order that you need. Along with offering essential paper products, like kraft paper and butcher paper sheets or rolls, we help can create custom branded paper orders, answer your questions and source what you need quickly. We’re more than just a paper converting company – our personable team is your paper partner for all of your distributing needs.

With Oren International, you can expect:

  • Quality, consistent paper products
  • A realistic assessment of what we can do for you
  • Custom printing and branding of a range of papers
  • The option to place a small or large order
  • FDA approved butcher paper and freezer paper safe for food contact
  • Custom slitting and sizing to exact specifications
  • An accessible team ready to help
  • Education and sales materials about our paper products 

Explore the range of products we offer distributors from food service, to industrial. We’ll put our 20+ years of experience to work to guide you in the right direction for your next paper order.

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