Kraft Paper

Whether for packaging, creative projects, or for business use, kraft paper is an affordable and versatile option for a multitude of purposes. We offer only the highest quality kraft paper at competitive prices. If you need a reliable and quick resource for kraft paper, we’re your paper partner to get the job done. It’s just that easy.

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper


Virgin Natural Kraft paper is very durable and is used for applications that require muscle and high tear strength.

Its low cost and clean fiber content make it ideal for printed packaging. Virgin Natural Kraft is perfect for all types of packaging applications including wrapping, surface protection, pallet interleaving, carrier sheets and dunnage. Standard weights available are 30#, 40#, 50#, 60#, and 70#.  

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

Due to its recycled fiber content, Recycled Kraft Paper is an environmentally friendly alternative and has a little less strength than Virgin Kraft Paper.

Recycled Kraft is widely used in dunnage and void fill applications, box and tray liners, interleavers, as well as newspaper bottom wrap. Standard weights available are 30#, 40#, 50#, 60#, and 70#.

Black Kraft Paper

Black Kraft Paper is used in a variety of ways. One well known use is in the picture framing industry to line the back of picture frames.

It is also used for arts & crafts projects or where light barriers and borders are needed. Standard weights available are 45# and 55#.

Colored Kraft Paper


Our Colored Kraft Paper comes in a variety of vibrant hues. From red, blue, green and yellow, practically any color of the rainbow in available.

Colored Kraft Paper can be used for a range of ideas including bulletin boards, school supplies, and artistic applications. Standard weight available is 45#.

Bleached or White Kraft Paper


White or Bleached Kraft Paper is used when strength, and resistance to yellowing are important. Just like Virgin Natural Kraft, White Kraft Paper is suited for wrapping when a crisp clean look is essential.

White Kraft Paper can be used to cover restaurant tabletops, for sign painting and masking, arts & crafts, and retail store displays. Standard basis weights available are 30#, 40# and 50#.

 Custom Printed Kraft Paper


Custom Printed Kraft Paper is used for a variety of industries to enhance branding and promote businesses, from restaurants to the fashion industry.

Kraft paper rolls and sheets printed with a logo or artwork can catch the attention of current and prospective customers and reinforce a business’s message.

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