Steak Paper

At Oren International, we provide steak paper to paper distributors, grocery stores and delis as a leading option for displaying meat. As many butchers know, colorful steak paper makes meat stand out and improves its appearance. 

Our FDA approved steak paper, also known as tray paper, is designed to lock in meat juices and control bloom while enhancing the visual appeal of meat. To ensure paper fits in the display tray properly, we also offer custom-sizing to avoid folded or bunched paper. Displaying poultry or fish on clean, colorful, custom-sized paper can build your deli or grocery store's reputation for offering quality meat. 

Steak Paper Qualities 

• Resists staining and soak through

• Decreases blackening and spoilage

• Enhances the appearance of beef, pork and poultry in display cases

• Available in white, green, pink, peach and black

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