3 Ways to Promote Your Brand Using Custom Printed Kraft Paper

Posted by Mark Jones on Jun 29, 2021 11:35:00 AM

macys3In a noisy world where we are bombarded by thousands of messages a day, it's vital for a retail brand to stand out and draw attention without turning people away.

While there are hundreds of options available, one that many retailers might overlook is the use of custom printed kraft paper. It's easy, inexpensive, and highly effective!

1. Packaging Materials

Any time you need to protect a fragile product during shipping or wrap smaller items inside a larger box, why not take the opportunity to create additional brand recognition or encourage another purchase? By using kraft paper that's custom printed with your logo or another branded message, you can do just that.

As an example, look at retail giant, Macy's. They've added their familiar logo to dunnage and shipping materials, including kraft paper, for shipping jewelry and perfume. With online shopping and subsequent shipping becoming a bigger part of every retailer's revenue, branded kraft paper is a smart marketing technique.

2. Decorative Displays

Every retail display tells a story that is intended to draw in customers.  Why not tell that story more effectively by wrapping the surfaces of the display area with custom printed kraft paper that includes the logo, appropriate artwork, or even messaging that complement the display?

With flexographic printing, it’s feasible in many cases to order new runs of different display wrapping supplies regularly so you can keep displays new, fresh and inviting.  

3. Kraft Paper Bags

If your retail products can fit conveniently in a shopping bag, a branded bag made out of eco-friendly natural kraft paper can make an impact with customers used to plastic packaging.

With inexpensive flexographic printing, and the versatility of custom printed kraft paper, your customers can walk out of your store carrying a targeted advertisement everywhere they go.

When it comes to promoting your business using kraft paper, the only limit is your imagination. Find out more about kraft paper with these 6 types of kraft paper and their business uses

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