Use Flexographic Printing To Take Your Restaurant Branding to the Next Level

Posted by Mark Jones on Fri, Mar 19, 2021

brick-house-tavern-tap-drink-menu-tampaStanding out from the competition can be difficult no matter what industry you're in. In the restaurant game, it's a matter of success or failure. 

One of the best options available to restaurant owners is the use of branded paper products to take advantage of items you have to provide anyway, like table coverings, basket liners, or sandwich wraps. Many restaurants do this by adding an eye-catching logo, an informative and compelling offer, or some other piece of branded content of interest to customers.

Using logo paper or any other form of branded paper in your restaurant is a great idea. It's effective at making your restaurant stand out among your competition, and it's one the easiest marketing efforts for your business. 

The best option: flexographic printing

To keep printing costs down and get a high-quality custom printed paper product quickly, your best bet is to take advantage of flexographic printing.

In a nutshell, flexographic printing is the 21st century equivalent of the old letterpress printing methods that churned out newspapers and books for centuries. However, instead of a solid, heavy plate of movable type, flexo uses a cheaper and lighter flexible relief plate.

What's interesting about flexo printing for restaurants is that the ink used is of a lower viscosity than other printing options. That means shorter drying times which translates to lower overall cost and faster turnaround on your printing projects.

As a leading flexographic printing company, we know there are endless ways to use flexo printing to produce eye-catching branded paper products for all types of uses. Because it's less expensive and faster than other options, you can experiment to find what works best for your restaurant, and you can change things up as you see fit.

We offer a wide range of flexographic printing options to cover your needs, and our paper experts are here to help you pick out just what you need. If you're interested in more information about the flexo process for restaurant branding, we definitely recommend reading our guide, The Insider's Guide to Flexographic Printing.

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How Paper Tube Packaging Offers Versatility and Unique Branding

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One size certainly doesn’t fit all anymore for packaging and shipping needs, but many consumers and businesses alike aren’t always aware of the many options that exist and the applications for which they may be best suited.

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Why is Flexographic Printing the Go-to Choice for Packaging?

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Packaging products used to be designed solely for efficiency and durability to protect contents during storage and shipping. But with more brand competition than ever, packaging materials have become an essential marketing tool of the trade.

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Unique Ways Your Business Can Use Flexo Printing as a Branding Tool

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Flexographic printing has gained praise in a number of industries for its versatility and affordability. And when it comes to branding, the flexo printing process makes it simple for companies to enhance their message in many unique ways, and on various substrates that traditional printing presses can’t accommodate, including plastic, film, and cellophane.

also works perfectly for printing on kraft paper and butcher paper, which are used in the food service and packaging and shipping industries among many others. Flexo inks have a low viscosity, which means faster drying time and faster production time as a result.

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Branding efforts for a restaurant can require a large budget.

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Differences Between Flexographic, Gravure, Offset and Inkjet Printing

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Printing techniques vary from job to job and company-to-company, which can often lead to confusion when deciding which one is the best fit for your specific task at hand.  Below we’ve outlined the basics of 4 popular printing methods and some facts about each to help you understand the differences and benefits.

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3 Major Paper Transformations Using Flexographic Printing

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Looking around your home or office today, you could probably discover a hundred excellent examples of flexographic printing. That’s how common and widespread this printing technology has become. The reason is simple: flexo printing is affordable, versatile, fast, and produces a high-quality result.

Just take the following three examples as evidence of the incredible power of flexographic printing. All of these serve not just as examples of flexography in action, but as actual improvements in the value and usefulness of paper, made possible through this printing process.

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