Why Scrim Paper is Your Strongest Paper Ally

Posted by Mark Jones on Feb 15, 2018 10:00:00 AM

When you think about the strongest and most durable materials out there, paper probably doesn’t come to mind. And although the paper we most commonly encounter in our daily lives isn’t usually lauded for its strength, don’t be fooled — some paper stocks have some pretty big muscles to flex.

Industries that rely on paper products for packaging or wrapping often use various types of kraft paper. Certain kraft papers are manufactured in such a way that they can stand up against some of the strongest materials around. Scrim paper is among the stocks of paper that is well suited for some heavy lifting.

What is scrim paper?

Polycoated scrim paper, Oren InternationalScrim paper is kraft paper that’s reinforced with fiberglass “scrim.” It's poly coated allowing tri-directional scrim to stick to the paper, which acts as webbing or netting. Scrim fibers are chemically bonded to the paper. If you’ve ever used shipping tape then you’ve probably encountered scrim before.

Because of its strength and durability, scrim paper is used to wrap heavy materials including lumber and steel. Scrim in the paper reinforces it to avoid rips and tears that would occur with regular paper when sharp edges or corners come into contact with the packaging.

Scrim paper is an integral part of construction sites and other projects or sites where heavy materials are shipped and used. Scrim paper is also the best option for environments where surfaces need to be covered and protected without letting moisture or other debris get through.

Scrim combines braun and beauty

Just because scrim paper is sturdy doesn’t mean it can’t also be attractive. Aesthetics and marketing matter in every industry and the construction and other heavy-duty industries are no different. To that end, scrim paper can be custom printed on either side to include a company’s specific branding or other eye-catching details.

If you’ve been looking for paper that can meet your business’ most demanding needs and you’re looking for a mix of strength, marketing savvy and aesthetics, Oren International can help. As your paper converting partner, we offer a variety of scrim paper solutions, as well as custom branding with our state-of-the-art flexographic printing technologies.

Flexo printing incorporates a modern version of letterpress technology combined with lower-viscosity inks. This means faster drying time and faster production at lower cost to our customers.

If you’d like to learn how scrim paper can be a strong ally for your business needs, contact us today.

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