Expert Tips to Avoid the Most Common Barbecue Fails

Posted by Mark Jones on Jul 20, 2020 11:02:19 AM

Pink Butcher 8A backyard barbecue is a pastime enjoyed by many people, and it represents an opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. If the end result tastes bad, or over/under cooked, the relaxation ends. Grilling/smoking meat seems like an easygoing activity, creating delicious barbecue can actually be very challenging. It takes preparation, time, and some "insider" knowledge. 

As the latest in a series of vital barbecue tips, we at Oren International are here to help by providing a list of four common mistakes grill and smoker amateurs make in pursuit of finger-licking good BBQ.

In this post you will learn expert tips to help you: 

  • Understand and perfect barbecue timing. Good barbecue takes time, and it's important to know how long to heat the grill before putting on the meat.
  • Determine how much meat to use on the grill. Instead of packing the grill with meat, find out the best strategy for arranging meat according to the heat source you are using.
  • Properly use flues and dampers. Understanding these vital parts of the grill is a must. When using a smoker as regulation of the intake and exhaust vents will have a direct impact on the type of smoke created and the level of smoke flavor infused into the meat.
  • Use the right tools. You can easily improve the flavor of everything you cook by selecting the right tools that won't poke or disrupt meat on the grill.

Are you ready to enjoy competition-class barbecue every time you light the grill? Read the full article here for more details and examples on the tips above. IF you have questions about using pink butcher paper for your grilling or smoking adventure? Contact us for more information or place your pink butcher paper order today, and happy grilling!

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