There is No Substitute for Pink Butcher Paper

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Oct 9, 2012 8:00:00 AM

pinkbutcherpapermeatIf you’re a restaurant, grocer,  butcher or paper supplier, you are well aware that there is a national shortage of pink butcher paper. Currently the supply is scarce, but at Oren International, we’re working hard to make sure our clients receive the high quality food service paper they need. It’s a hard grade to make but having the right color and grade of pink butcher paper is important to your food presentation. If you’re considering switching to another color temporarily, to say, peach or salmon, we’d like you to think again. 

Here are 6 reasons we believe there’s just no substitute for pink butcher paper:

  1. The pink color dresses up the look of sandwiches, fresh meats, poultry and fish.
  2. Pink Butcher upholds tradition when used as a sandwich wrap and adds a mark of distinction to the wrapped item so it stands out from other items.
  3. The right shade of pink matters when wrapping up beef, pork and poultry. You don’t want the meat to look an “off” color just because your butcher paper is a different shade.
  4. The quality of the grade matters. Oren International only uses certified FDA approved Pink Butcher Paper.
  5. Pink butcher paper is essential all areas of the country where barbecue is sold. It is most popular in Missouri, Texas, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. Pink butcher paper makes barbecue sandwiches and plates look even more scrumptious.
  6. People come to expect the look of pink butcher paper, which some stores and restaurants have been using for 50 years.


So, although, there may be close matches, there’s just no substitute for quality grade pink butcher paper. If you have questions about your pink butcher paper order, or would like information on availability and pricing, please give us a shout! We’d love to help you out. To learn more tips, download our guide, BBQ Secrets Revealed: 4 BBQ Experts Share Their Tips for Using Pink Butcher Paper

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