How to Save Money on Tray Liners and Sandwich Wrap in the New Year

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Dec 26, 2012 8:00:00 AM

Bread Bowl LinerTray liners and sandwich wrap help restaurants be efficient in cleanliness and packaging, but changing the types and sizes of food service paper your establishment buys can also bring big savings.

Tray liners, basket liners and sandwich wrap are functionally the same kind of paper.

Instead of buying several sizes of pre-cut sheets like the standard sizes of 12x12, 15x15 and 18x18, purchase a large roll that can be torn into different sizes and use it for everything.  Reducing your wide selection of paper products into one roll lets you consolidate inventory and save money. With the added savings, consider custom printing the paper to include your restaurant’s logo, tagline, website or even menu.

If you want the convenience of pre-cut sheets, consider buying just one medium size instead of the small and larger sizes. Generally, you can use the middle size for any need.

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