Is Your White Butcher Paper 100% FDA Approved?

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Jul 19, 2019 8:03:00 AM

White Butcher - 5Just because you order a roll of white butcher paper, that doesn’t mean that’s what you’re getting.  Some companies claim to sell white butcher paper, but are actually selling white kraft paper. While white kraft paper is great for many things, it is not the best option for direct food contact.

How do you know if you are using FDA approved butcher paper?

  • Your vendor should be able to supply you with a letter of certification, guaranteeing that the butcher paper you are ordering is 100% FDA Approved.
  • The rolls you receive should be labeled as FDA Approved.
  • FDA white butcher paper is treated with sizing, to help seal in meat juices, while preventing color loss and spoilage. 
  • It should be very sturdy and able to resist moisture.
  • Kraft paper often feels soft and slightly fuzzy, where butcher paper does not.
  • Some kraft paper is chemically treated and not approved for direct food usage.

FDA Approved white butcher paper is ideal to wrap hot and cold sandwiches and package meat, fish and poultry from a deli, grocery store or butcher shop. White butcher paper can also be used to cover restaurant tabletops for a clean crisp presentation every time. It can also be branded with your restaurant or store logo for an added customized touch.

Oren International is proudly the only paper converter in the U.S. that is an approved paper converting vendor and co-brander for Georgia-Pacific, makers of CounterKraft™ Butcher Paper, the highest grade of premium Butcher Paper on the market today and 100% FDA approved. We guarantee it. Are you sure you’re using FDA certified butcher paper for food service packaging

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