Are you Truly Ready for Hunting Season?

Posted by Mark Jones on Aug 27, 2013 8:00:00 AM

camo singleFall is fast approaching, and that means one thing for devoted hunters - hunting season is nearly upon us. Because of that, now is the time to start preparing to make this your best hunting season yet. Your gun may be loaded with the right ammo, but is your freezer ready to be loaded with the right type of freezer paper to preserve your meat?  Here are some key things to remember when preparing for hunting season: 

Your 2013-2014 hunting season checklist

  • Make it legal. Before hunting season, make sure your required hunting education courses and hunting licenses are completed and up-to-date.
  • Brush up on geography. Take some time to study a map of your hunting locations. Knowing the area’s geography before you begin hunting can help you strategize and act quickly in the moment.  
  • Practice. Buff up on your aim and technique at the shooting range before the season begins. While you’re at it, buff up at the gym as well to ensure that you’re physically prepared for a long hunting day, covering a lot of terrain.
  • Organize. Do you have all of your hunting supplies ready? Pack a bag with any necessary equipment you might need while you’re hunting.
  • Prep for storage. After the time you put into hunting season, make sure you are protecting your investment by properly storing your meat. The best way to keep your meat fresh for a long time is by wrapping it in our poly coated freezer paper to help seal in juices, conform to the meat and prevent color loss and freezer burn. In addition, freezer paper is easy to write on to document and distinguish your meat from different hunting seasons. Our new camo freezer paper features a camouflage design so you can distinguish different types of meat.  

Ready to keep your meat as fresh as possible this hunting season? Contact us to learn more about our camo freezer paper or other butcher paper solutions for your hunting needs. 


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