Simple Ways that Tube and Core Manufacturers Can Reduce Waste

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Oct 29, 2013 8:00:00 AM

describe the imageWith their strength and versatility, the uses for tubes and cores are boundless. From product and shipping containers, rolled artwork or documents to tape and industrial uses, tubes and cores are an important aspect of packaging, shipping and storing many products. 

As a leader in custom printing and slitting of linerboard, Oren offers tube and core manufacturers precise measurements and custom printed logos on tube and core paper supplies. In our effort to reduce paper waste, we use methods to print paper efficiently and accurately. Here are a few simple ways that tube and core manufacturers can preserve materials and reduce waste: 


Having consistent product and paper characteristics can improve production and create less leftover paper. Like in most situations, consistency lends itself to a routine and in turn, less mistakes.  Maintaining consistent paper characteristics like the smoothness, color and finish of a sheet can help ensure products are aligned and developed with less waste. 


As the phrase goes, less is more. Don't throw away tubes and cores that can still be reused for a different aspect of production or otherwise recycled. Using minimal splices throughout the manufacturing process helps reduce paper waste all together. Having a consistent slitting and cutting width will help you avoid errors and produce less wasted material. 

At Oren, not only do we offer tube and core paper supplies, we offer a variety of custom paper for different industries. For more information about how our paper converting company can help you, contact us today.

Download our complete guide on how Tube and Core Manufacturers Can Reduce Waste and save costs.  

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