Custom-Sized Steak Paper Impacts the Look of Meat on Display

Posted by Mark Jones on Dec 23, 2013 8:00:00 AM

steak paperButchers and grocery store owners know the importance of steak paper to enhance their meat displays. Steak paper makes meat stand out and improves its appearance by using different colors. Meat also appears more fresh and high quality when resting on a complementary hued steak paper instead of Styrofoam or another bland alternative. So, if you use steak paper, you shouldn’t have a problem, right? Actually, that might not be the case. Take a look at how the sizing of your steak paper affects your meat display:

A common steak paper faux pas

If you’ve made the switch to steak paper for your meat display, you’re already in good shape. But why stop there? Custom-sized steak paper ensures that the paper will fit in a display tray properly, without bunching. Your meat display runs the risk of looking messy when your steak paper is not the right size.

One of our team members at Oren recently found a steak paper faux pas, which really reminded us about the importance of proper sizing. They noticed a major grocery store chain using the wrong sizes of steak paper, and folding them to fit the display tray.  (see pictures)

 There are two issues with folding steak paper: first, the meat display looks less appealing when paper is folded to fit the tray. Second, the store is wasting money and material folding the paper each time. Ordering custom-sized steak paper can help you avoid these issues all together.  Check out how one retailer is using custom size black steak paper as a high-end hamburger patty display.

Anyone can order custom steak paper

No grocery store is too large or too small to benefit from custom-sized steak paper. When a customer comes to your department, you want your meat display to be exceptional. Having meat on the right size steak paper only builds your deli or grocery store’s reputation for offering the best quality.

Are you interested in more ways paper can benefit the food service industry? At Oren, we are here to provide you with value and quality when it comes to butcher paper, freezer paper, steak paper and more. Contact us today for more information. 

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