6 Different Ways Colored Kraft Paper Can Bring Your Projects to Life

Posted by Mark Jones on Apr 13, 2021 3:32:22 PM

IMG_8124You may already know that Virgin Natural Kraft paper, Virgin White Kraft paper, or Natural and White Recycled Kraft paper are used in a variety of industries for packaging, wrapping, dunnage, or crafts. Schools, churches, and households seek out Kraft paper for bulletin boards, school supplies, and artwork. Now, as we enter spring, colorful paper is used even more to dress up crafts. At Oren International, we now offer colored Kraft paper options to brighten up your projects.

Why add color to your Kraft, crafts?

To take your paper from plain to vibrant, colored Kraft paper can make all the difference. At Oren, our 100% recycled and recyclable paper comes in 10 standard construction paper colors to choose from to bring your next creative idea to life.

Colored Kraft paper can also be custom printed. Want to add your logo, artwork, or other design to your colored Kraft paper? We can brand your paper however you want for a personal touch.

Looking for more ways to use colored Kraft paper this year? Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or Pinterest devotee, these DIY projects will surely keep you busy:

  • Color-coded book covers. This affordable alternative to purchasing fabric book covers makes for an amusing project and keeps books organized.

  • Classroom time line. Keep students entertained with history by allowing them to draw on a rolled out piece of colored Kraft paper to contribute to the time line.

  • Table or desk protection. Avoid cleaning up after a project by lining tables with colored Kraft paper. Or, make the paper the project and have children draw, paint, or cut the colored paper.

  • Gift-wrap. Ditch conventional gift-wrap and save money by using a roll of colored Kraft paper.

  • Greeting cards. Make your next card even more personal by folding or cutting colored Kraft paper and decorating with a stamp or free-hand artwork.

  • Photo shoot backdrop. Change the scenery for a fun photo shoot quickly by decorating different colored Kraft paper. Make blue skies or a green forest for easy, child-friendly projects.

Next time you're ordering Kraft paper, make it colorful. Do you have more questions? Give us a call. We're always here to talk paper!

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