Take on the New School Year with Kraft Paper Projects

Posted by Mark Jones on Aug 20, 2014 9:00:00 AM

kraftpaperThe school supplies list seems to be getting longer and longer as children go back to school each year. Though many items are essential to the curriculum, a long list of supplies can become expensive. For parents and teachers wanting to facilitate crafts and projects without breaking the bank, it’s as simple as having a roll of natural kraft paper on hand. With a roll of this versatile paper, you can create interesting learning activities for your students while keeping your classroom costs down.


At Oren International, we love to work with schools by providing rolls of kraft paper for arts and craft projects. Awarded a Partner in Education with Oakcrest Elementary School in Escambia County, we are happy to give back for another successful school year.

Try these four ideas for making the most of kraft paper this school year.

Custom book covers. Instead of plastic book covers for textbooks, students can make their own covers out of inexpensive kraft paper. This is a fun first-day-of-school activity to break the ice and encourage an interactive class. After the books are covered, have students decorate the paper how they want to show off their talents and personalities.

Easy timelines. Because kraft paper comes in rolls, it is already cut with the dimensions to make an easy illustrative timeline. You can hang a long piece of paper up on your classroom wall and create a timeline to help your students remember historical events, geographic locations and other subjects.

Affordable table and desk protection. Maintain the quality of your classroom furniture with a roll of kraft paper. Teachers or parents can protect furniture inside and out of the classroom from paints, chemicals, or food by covering it with kraft paper. Ask students to add their signature or a drawing to the cover for an easy project.

Wrapping paper for any occasion. Purchasing wrapping paper for each season can be costly. Instead, start with a blank canvas with kraft paper for the holidays, Mother’s Day or birthdays. Before the gifts are wrapped, students can decorate the paper with stencils, paint, accessories or personal drawings. Their homemade kraft wrapping paper will be heartfelt, very sturdy, and inexpensive.

With all of the ways to use kraft paper, it is no wonder why it’s an ideal classroom staple. It's practical, inexpensive, and very versatile, taking you through many projects throughout the school year. For more information on how to stock up on kraft paper now, contact us at Oren International.

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