Camo Freezer Paper Ensures Your Hunting Season Isn't a Shot in the Dark

Posted by Mark Jones on Nov 5, 2014 12:30:00 PM

freezer paperFrom Alabama to Arkansas, we're heading into general gun season when the majority of hunters head out into the woods to hunt for trophies and meat for the winter.

While they're thinking about cleaning their guns, stowing their gear, and planning their hunt, we're thinking about what's going to happen once they bag that buck or hog and they need to package and store the meat.

High quality freezer paper is the most economical way to store meat for the long haul. It's quick and easy to use, conforms well to each piece of meat to form a complete seal, and includes a poly coating that seals in moisture and keeps out air to prevent freezer burn. 

Taking freezer paper to the next level for hunters

While hunters are out preparing for the hunt, and our paper converting company is getting ready to help them keep their game fresh, we developed one more way to make storing meat even more special. With Camo Freezer Paper, meat processors and hunters can take advantage of FDA-approved, quality freezer paper that can keep meat fresh and safe for up to 12 months (compared to only 6-9 months for standard grade freezer paper.)

It's printed with a unique camo design in black and green over the recognized industry-standard brown kraft paper. This paper not only keeps meat fresh, but also helps it stand out in a freezer full of white and brown-wrapped hunks of meat.

This season, rest assured that after the big one is bagged and it's time to think about storage, a brand new 18” x 130' roll of camo freezer paper on the bench in the dressing shed will help set aside trophy cuts in style so they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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