Slitting, Sheeting, and Rewinding Services – What Does it All Mean?

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Dec 3, 2014 8:00:00 AM

rewindingIf you're new to paper converting or have been involved in the paper industry for years, you've probably come across the terms “slitting”, “sheeting” and “rewinding” more than once. What you will most likely receive from companies is a listing of maximum roll widths and other measurements and capabilities for slitting, sheeting, and rewinding, but what you rarely find is an overview of what those services actually involve.

If you're scratching your head and wondering what the differences are between each service, here's a quick guide to basic paper converting:


Sheeting paper refers to taking the large rolls of paper that paper manufacturers supply and turning them into sheets of paper of a specific size.
Example: Converting a large 60" wide master roll into sheets of 8.5” x 11” writing paper, or a huge 60” x 72” kraft paper sheet for a custom wrapping job. 


Slitting paper involves cutting the long stock roll into thinner segments.
Example: This could mean slitting paper as thin as 3/8” or as wide as 110”.


After paper is slit, the new thinner segments can be rewound onto any size core to the desired footage or diameter.
Example: A new roll of paper measuring anywhere from 5” to 72” in diameter, can be wound around whatever core you choose.

Why precision is key

Like all aspects of paper converting, what is essential in all three of these paper converting services is precision.

To satisfy the customer, every measurement must be perfect, every cut must be spot on. In some cases, the rewound rolls that come off of a slitting machine will be used on a clients’ machine for a different purpose, so ensuring they are wound perfectly is important to avoid a jam and waste valuable time and money.

By using exact measurements and updated technology and machinery, paper converting companies work to provide the most precise paper and end products.

When you're searching for the best paper converting services available, determining if the specs, capabilities and price matches your needs is important. But what matters even more ensuring your paper products will be as precise as possible. To find out more, contact us and learn these 6 surprising things a paper converting company can do. 

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