Brown Butcher Paper is a Rustic Trend in the Food Service Industry

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Jan 14, 2015 8:00:00 AM

describe the imageMany restaurants, food delivery services, and food truck operators, already understand the value of quality paper for providing a neat, clean eating experience for their customers, and enhancing their Restaurant Branding.

In recent years, a lot of emphasis has been placed on using natural kraft paper products in almost every industry to safeguard the environment and maintain a “green” approach in business.

That’s why many restaurants have turned to natural kraft paper, sometimes referred to as brown butcher paper, as an inexpensive and versatile option. Natural kraft paper is environmentally responsible, and works well for many applications, including custom printing and branding.

Going natural

Restaurants seeing the need to stand out from the competition and promote their environmental initiatives are doing so by switching to natural kraft paper to line their basket and trays, a look that was commonplace decades ago.

Natural kraft paper, also known as brown butcher paper, comes coated or uncoated. The coated variety is excellent for wrapping potentially messy items like fresh meat or fish, or a greasy basket of French fries. Uncoated brown butcher paper works perfectly for items that aren't as greasy, wet, or oily like sandwiches. 

In either case, if it's used in the food service industry, it’s important that butcher and kraft paper is FDA approved to ensure safe contact with food.  

Customize it

Aside from its value as a rustic trend in restaurants, natural kraft paper can be custom printed to create unique and memorable table covers, basket liners, sandwich wraps, or menus.

Custom branded paper is powerful because, as many restaurant owners know, presentation of cuisine can sometimes be just as important as the quality of the food. Why not make a greater impact on your customer's experience with custom printed paper?

With standard basis weights ranging from 30# up to 70#, there are options to fit your food service needs. If you have any questions about this new rustic trend in the food service industry, give us a call and let's chat about the ways that natural kraft paper could be right for your clients or your restaurant.

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