Floor Board - Custom Vs. Plain: Now you have an economical option

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Apr 11, 2023 2:15:00 PM

Floor Board Print 2If you’re in the market for heavy-duty paper to cover surfaces during a construction or renovation project, you may not even realize you have the option to customize the rolls with your logo. When the time comes to select the paper to protect the surfaces around your home or construction site, it’s important to note that we can now add custom printing as a low-cost option. Our newly installed rewinder has an inline 1-color printing station.

Protecting from damage, and getting noticed

No matter what your project, or where it’s taking place, you will need to cover flooring surfaces to protect them from damage, moisture and any related wear and tear that could occur. From vehicle traffic to foot traffic, to water, mud, paint, and other construction materials, you need to make sure any and all areas that could be damaged during your project are covered.

To choose the best quality covering for your project, you’ll want to use our .042 Dura-Board HD when covering concrete, wood, stone, tile, linoleum, or composite materials. Now, picture that protection showing off your company logo, or firm name. This options is now available for a minimal upcharge.

It’s important to remember that even new construction sites can benefit from protection. When it comes to areas of exposed concrete and finished flooring, it’s important to ensure protection from unwanted moisture setting in that can literally put a damper on your project.

Our Dura-Board HD is a heavier weight paper, and offers the highest level of protection in terms of durability and waterproofing your project site. It is often better suited for larger industrial projects, or projects where a site will be under construction or renovation for an extended period of time. 

The rolls are typically 38” wide x 100’ long (just over 316 square feet per roll) and packaged 20 rolls per pallet. 

No matter the duration of your project, this is the type of stock you’ll want to consider for remodeling large sites where floors and other surfaces need protection from things like forklifts and other construction vehicles, as well large, heavy tools that may come into contact with and potentially cause damage.

Heavy-duty floorboard can also be a good option in non-industrial settings for protecting high-quality floors and other surfaces that could sustain damage or nics from any dropped tools.

Custom print is the way to go

If you’ve ever watched Home Town, Fixer Upper, Renovation Realities or any of the other dozens of remodeling shows on HGTV, you’ve probably seen plain floor board being used during their projects. Think of the impact your business could make having your custom printed image throughout the entire project. We can print the 1-color logo up to 13" X 18" throughout each roll. Set your next project apart by adding your custom print for pennies.

The right choice

When considering the selection of floor board products out there, be sure that you choose a proven high-quality supplier who will offer a custom solution. Our Dura-Board HD is the sturdiest option available. Whether plain or printed, you will not be disappointed with the protection you receive. 

If you’d like more information on protecting flooring surfaces and our custom printed option, contact us at Oren International today.

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