How Flexible is Flexo Really?

Posted by Mark Jones on Sep 16, 2015 8:00:00 AM

flexo2In a fast-paced business environment where successful companies need to thrive, the ability to change on a dime and move in an entirely new direction is vital. And it can’t be a slow, lumbering turn either. It needs to be fast and confident.

That’s always been one of the key benefits of using flexographic printing (or "flexo" printing). It’s ultimately flexible, so it allows our printing customers to be flexible and nimble too.

The Inks

Unlike some other printing processes, flexo printing allows for the use of many different types of ink, both water-based and oil-based, so customers have more flexibility to experiment and choose what looks and feels best rather than being tied down to one or two types.

The Substrates

Similarly, flexographic printing can work with many different substrates or materials, from paper and plastic to cellophane or foil. This broad combination of options between substrates and inks make flexographic one of the most flexible printing options available.

The Speed

The flexo printing process is often faster than most high-volume commercial printing options, both in set-up and in the actual print run. This speed allows companies that are nimbly putting together a project with time constraints to meet customer demand and still get a high-quality product that fits tight deadlines.

The Price

Another positive effect of the flexo process is that it makes it reasonable for companies to manage the volume of their order, and print in small or large runs. For instance, a business doesn’t have to print out 500,000 copies of custom printed paper with company information only to find out later that their office is moving locations. It also allows for more economical experimentation with various designs and configurations for packaging and other branded products.

For more information on the flexibility of flexo printing, contact out paper converting experts today and download our free guide below, The Insider’s Guide to Flexographic Printing.

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