Kraft Vs Craft: The Secret to Kraft Paper for Your Craft Projects

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Sep 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM

kraftpaper2.jpgIf you’re the artsy type and enjoy DIY and other projects, then you’re probably very familiar with kraft paper. And if you’ve wondered why it’s “kraft paper” vs. “craft paper,” you’re not alone. Many people often change the spelling of kraft paper to craft paper, believing it is more accurate, or that kraft is simply a branding play on the word craft. But in reality, there is a reason for the use of the word kraft.

So, let’s take a look at the origins of the word craft, starting with a basic definition of the word craft.

Craft (n.) - An activity involving skill in making things by hand.

While craft refers to the act of the art of crafting things, kraft originates from the German word kraft, which means strength, and refers to the strength of this particular type of paper itself.

The process of making kraft paper

The manufacturing of kraft paper entails converting wood into wood pulp through a combination of chemical and manual components. Wood is made up of 50 percent cellulose walls, 30 percent lignin, which bonds the cellulose together, and 20 percent carbohydrates, protein, fats and resins.

It’s the pure cellulose fiber that becomes the main basis of kraft paper. During the kraft process, wood chips are treated with a mix of hot water, sodium hydroxide, and sodium sulfide, which break down the bonds that link the components of the wood fibers. The wood fibers that remain after this chemical process form a sort of pulp slurry, which is what goes into the paper machine to make the kraft paper.

It’s that process that makes kraft paper strong, and therefore the ideal choice for countless arts and crafts projects. Additionally, kraft paper is available in a variety of colors and weights, making it suitable for any number of functions. It can also be printed on for custom branding.

Virgin and recycled kraft paper 

For arts and crafts projects, many people also choose recycled kraft paper, which has a bit less strength than its virgin kraft paper counterpart, but is more than sufficient for a majority of crafting purposes. Both virgin kraft paper and recycled kraft paper are available in weights of 30#, 40#, 50#, 60#, and 70#.

When it comes to crafting, or even entertaining, there are countless ways kraft paper can be applied.  From creating artistic masterpieces, to covering tables for children to decorate, wrapping presents and creating homemade placemats, menus, name cards, and decorative banners, kraft paper is a versatile and sturdy choice.

Oren International supplies a variety of both virgin and recycled kraft paper to meet all of your needs. If you’d like more information on the ways our kraft paper can help you craft your own masterpieces, contact us today.

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