Paper Versus Plastic Matters to Your Customers

Posted by Mark Jones on Aug 12, 2015 12:13:00 PM

PaperorEveryone can relate to being asked, "paper or plastic" at the grocery store. While this is a question we're used to answering about bagging our food, the topic of paper vs. plastic goes beyond the checkout line. 

As more young people make up a massive portion of buying power today, many industries are taking note by following their purchasing trends. After all, knowing what is important to your customers helps steer you in the right direction to shape and grow your services or products. 

One area of importance for many consumers is the environmental impact of the products they purchase. If your business is working on shifting toward more eco-friendly products, there are many ways paper can be an affordable and creative solution. 


My recent LinkedIn Article, "The Hipster's Guide to Paper vs. Plastic" looks at the current state of buying power of millennials and provides ways to incorporate environmentally conscience products in different industries. 

Read The Hipster's Guide  to Paper vs. Plastic  


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