We’re More Than Just a Paper Converter: 5 Ways We Prove It

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Aug 24, 2016 10:00:00 AM

We’re More than Just a Paper Converter - 5 Ways We Prove ItWith 20 years in business and many accomplishments behind us, we’re proud and grateful for our position as a leader in the paper converting industry. In addition to our paper converting expertise, there are other aspects of our business that we’re equally proud of, some of which our customers and colleagues may not even realize.

The following five examples show another side of Oren International you may not have met yet:

We offer custom printing

Unlike many paper converters, custom flexographic printing is actually a large part of our business and our identity here at Oren.

While this versatile and effective printing method can be used for very simple and standard reasons, (think, the “this side up” notice printed on the side of a shipping box,) we actually use it far more frequently to help our customers develop creative and professional solutions to improve their branding.

We focus on creative collaboration and customization

In some industries and organizations, it’s important to follow standardization and uniformity always. This makes sense from the paper converter’s standpoint, as it reduces adjustment time between runs and improves profitability and inventory maintenance.

At Oren, we truly enjoy solving complex problems using paper. While some projects call for standardization, we also don’t shy away from paper issues that require some really creative customization.

This can come through in our custom branding and printing work, in our tube and core production, or any combination of rolling and slitting in custom shapes and sizes to create the perfect paper solution for our customers.

We sell specialty products direct to customers via Amazon

Like most of our paper converting colleagues, many of our customers are manufacturers or distributors that use our products in the course of creating their own, or who then resell our products to stores and restaurants.

However, like we mentioned above, we really enjoy offering unique solutions using paper, and sometimes those solutions make sense as a direct-to-consumer product.

Currently, we’re selling two different products in retail-sized quantities directly to individual customers nationwide via Amazon:

  • Pink butcher paper - A must-have cooking and presentation tool for BBQ enthusiasts. 
  • White butcher paper - Perfect for wrapping and displaying meat. Also used in the food service industry as a paper table cover. 

We are dedicated to maintaining sustainability

The paper industry often faces stigmas when it comes to it’s impact on the environment. And while there are aspects of that reputation that can be accurate, many are based on myths and misunderstandings.  

At Oren International, however, we take that responsibility very seriously. Here are just a few of the ways we maintain and promote sustainable practices at our facility:

  • Any paper waste that could be thrown away after a job is completed, is segregated, baled, and sold back to paper mills to be recycled and reused.
  • Rather than discarding the small remaining supply of paper on each roll that can’t be used for a finished product, we have machines in house designed to strip that remaining paper off each roll to be baled and recycled, then the core itself is collected for reuse on other jobs.
  • Since we manufacture our own cores in-house, we don’t need to waste the fuel having cores shipped in from elsewhere.

We’re an educational resource for the industry

What you’re reading right now is a fairly uncommon thing: educational content geared toward the paper converting industry and customer base, published by experts in the field.

For several years, we’ve been steadily creating and distributing blog posts, eBooks, emails, and more in an effort to help people get to know the paper converting industry, to educate insiders on best practices and new ideas, and to help other industries identify areas where they may be able to use paper in unique and creative new ways.

We hope this effort has helped you, as it has also helped us keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and always approach what we do from a creative, customer-focused perspective. Learn more about what makes Oren International different. 

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