Restaurant Paper is For Food, Not Finger Painting

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Jul 15, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Pink_Butcher_-_with_FriesHave you ever gotten a gift that you weren't crazy about? Perhaps it was something you didn’t need or couldn't use. We have all been there at one point or another.

While the gift is thoughtful, it usually isn't relevant and certainly doesn't make much of an impact. You could say it's like using plain kraft paper instead of food grade butcher paper at your restaurant. Plain kraft paper might serve a purpose for certain projects, like arts and crafts, but it's not necessarily the right fit for customers in the food service industry.

To clear up the misconception about using the right paper for food contact, here is how to tell the difference between plain kraft paper and food safe butcher paper for your restaurant. 

Why do you need food grade butcher paper?

For restaurants, grocery stores or delis preparing and serving food, it's customary to have big white rolls of paper in the kitchen. Whether for protecting meat, packaging up to-go orders, wrapping sandwiches or lining a basket or tray, paper has plenty of uses in the food service industry. While plain kraft paper might look appropriate on the surface, it's important you are using 100% FDA approved food grade butcher paper for anything that comes in contact with food. Why? 

Though kraft paper is very similar, food-grade, FDA approved butcher paper is designed to be more resistant to leakage from juices and helps preserve food freshness better than plain kraft paper. FDA approved butcher paper is available in white or pink for wrapping, cooking or storing certain foods. Unlike kraft paper, butcher paper is specifically created for use with food, so you can be sure it's safe for customers.

To find out more about 100% FDA approved food grade butcher paper for your restaurant today, we welcome you to contact us and also to use our guide below to learn 3 ways paper can help restaurants. 

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