Will Freezer Paper Prevent Shrinkage?

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Oct 21, 2015 8:00:00 AM

As everyone but Elaine Benes knows, things shrink when they get cold. 

This is true of nearly every material known to man - solid, liquid, or gas – with the notable exception of water, which actually expands at it freezes into a solid state, creating ice. At times, shrinkage can cause damage, frustration and unnecessary expense. Or, at the very least, embarrassment.

For example, bakers struggle with shrinking bread and cake, and plumbers have noted the shrinkage of brass rings in their line of work. 

As a leading paper converting company providing freezer paper for the food service industry, we’ve taken a closer look to determine whether or not freezer paper can help prevent the natural, yet challenging, problem of shrinkage.

The answer: Negative

The brutal truth is, no. Freezer paper will not prevent shrinkage of meats caused by cooling.

Shrinkage occurs because the individual atoms making up the molecules of materials literally slow down as the material grows colder. Since this occurs at an atomic level, a sheet of freezer paper, no matter how high the quality or how tight the wrap, is unable to fully prevent shrinkage from occurring.

The upside: What freezer paper can do

Although freezer paper can’t prevent molecular shrinkage for frozen meats and other foods, there are plenty of things it can do very well:

  • Preserves meat, fish, and poultry for long-term frozen storage
  • Prevents freezer burn by locking in moisture
  • Economizes freezer space by conforming tightly to the wrapped item
  • Serves as a clean presentation sheet for deli sandwiches and other food items
  • Offers a surface for custom printing including branding, safe handling instructions, and more

If your goal is to prevent the inevitable nature of shrinkage when it comes to freezing and storing meats, you might be in for a challenge. However, if your focus is preserving the fresh color and flavor of meats or enhance the presentation of food at your grocery, deli, or butcher shop, FDA-approved freezer paper should be your tool of choice.

To find out more about the right paper to meet your food display or storage needs or to place an order, contact our paper converting team. We're here to answer your questions. 

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