3 Tips to Spice Up Bland Food Service Paper

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Dec 2, 2015 10:10:02 AM

August_2013_070.jpgIf you’re running a deli, butcher shop, or short-order restaurant, you probably have thousands of square feet of plain white butcher paper or freezer paper in stock. Chances are you use it all day, every day. 

Plain, white butcher paper and freezer paper are staples in many culinary settings, and are effective at keeping meats and other food protected and safe. But are you also aware of the other options available, such as colored paper or custom branding? Here are three ways to spice up bland food service paper: 

Try a splash of color!

It’s amazing what a little color can do to spice up an otherwise drab meat display or sandwich basket. The right color choices can accentuate certain food’s natural vibrancy, making it even more attractive and appealing. Take colored steak papers, for example, as a way to nicely display fresh meat. 

Beyond displaying fresh food or wrapping to-go orders, colored Kraft paper and pink butcher paper, can all be used creatively to help decorate the restaurant or store too. For instance, using kraft paper as a colorful backdrop for announcements on a bulletin board or daily menu items.

How about the one-of-a-kind Camo Freezer Paper?

If your restaurant or deli caters to a large number of hunters or those who identify with the hunting industry, here’s a unique idea that’s guaranteed to grab their attention.

Our Camo Freezer Paper is high grade freezer paper designed to protect and preserve meat over long periods, just like plain white freezer paper. Though, its unique camo design adds a flair to every wrapped cut of meat and can help whoever fetches it from the freezer distinguish it from different seasons. 

Custom printed paper adds a host of new options.

Another important option that a lot of restaurants and other businesses overlook is the opportunity to use custom printed kraft paper or butcher paper to promote their brand. 

Flexographic printing offers a seemingly endless list of options for custom printing on food service paper. The most popular options include printed logos, menus, directions, artwork, seasonal messages and special offers. 

As noted above, plain white butcher and freezer paper work perfectly for displaying, wrapping or preserving meat. Though, to bring some more life to your food service paper, change can be a good thing in the form of colored or custom branded kraft, butcher or freezer paper. 

For some more interesting examples of how restaurants have used custom printed paper to improve their branding efforts, read our free eBook below.

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