3 Simple Ways Paper Helps The Healthcare Industry

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Dec 18, 2012 8:00:00 AM

Paper surgical cutting boardOpen up and say “Ah”! A visit to the doctor’s office may not always conjure up happy thoughts, but paper products can actually help take a patient’s mind off of what happens in the exam room. In fact, doctors’ offices are now using customized paper products in many different ways, from promotion to entertainment.

Here are 3 simple ways paper supplies are perfect for medical offices and for physicians to use:

Customized Exam Paper

Doctors cover their examination tables with lightweight, disposable, bleached kraft paper that minimizes the spread of germs and contamination. Exam paper also protects tables from damage and shields patients from potentially hard, cold surfaces.

This exam paper is an opportunity to spread a personalized printed message, whether that is a medical group logo, a drug being promoted by a particular manufacturer or a fun, entertaining print to amuse children.  Kids can play tic tac toe or see their favorite Disney characters in the exam room with custom printed paper. Having a fun, colorful design as a distraction can make a check-up less stressful for children.

Printed promotional exam table paper is also a great way to add some color to any exam room. It provides a professional look at a low cost. Exam table paper rolls are available in several sizes and styles to fit any medical office’s needs.

Examination Gowns

Doctors often provide paper gowns to patients to wear during physical examinations and invasive procedures. These disposable gowns are considerably cheaper than cloth gowns, plus doctors who use paper gowns save on the expense of laundering cloth gowns after each use.

Gowns are no longer the only fashion option for exam rooms. Reusable exam clothing is now available in shirt, shorts and even pants styles.

Sterile Drapes

Doctors use sterile disposable drapes when performing procedures that require the preparation of a sterile area. These procedures include skin biopsies, dermatological procedures, wound cleansing and stitching and minor surgical procedures. These paper drapes create a barrier that prevents wound contamination and infection. Repellent inner layers of paper help prevent moisture getting through.

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