Brand Your Food with Custom Printed Freezer Paper

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Sep 14, 2022 8:12:00 AM

Frankels 4Freezer paper is a polyethylene coated paper with many uses.  At Oren International, we offer Sentry Brand freezer papers in White and Natural colors, which are specially crafted to conform to the shape of the food item being wrapped, while the poly coating zips moisture in to prevent freezer burn.  Freezer paper is often used in delis, restaurants and grocery stores as a quick-serve sheet to wrap sandwiches, deli meats and cheeses. 

Many marketing savvy customers are taking advantage of custom printed freezer papers, using it as an opportunity to “brand their food” with logos and other company information. Whether you have a restaurant, food truck or deli, we have the best solution to satisfy your branding needs.

Our Sentry brand custom printed freezer paper:

  • Looks great when printed with your custom logo or design.
  • Maintains the proper level of humidity to preserve freshness.
  • Adds a professional, creative touch to your presentation.
  • Is available in white or brown, in sheets or rolls.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and quantities.
  • Creates the ideal environment for storing all types of food.
  • Is printed in Pensacola, Florida on FDA-approved direct-contact base stocks

Is your company taking full advantage of branding opportunities?  Contact Oren, and let’s make it happen!

Standard grades available are:
• Sentry IceGuard Standard – 40/5#
• Sentry TopGuard Premium – 47/7#
• Natural Freezer Paper – 35/5#, 40/5#

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