How Do You Use BBQ Paper? 3 Ways to Try Today

Posted by Alan NeSmith on May 17, 2017 10:00:00 AM

printed-pink-butcher-paper-sheet.pngYou don’t have to be Aaron Franklin or own the most expensive grill or smoker on the market to have a knack for cooking up some top-quality barbecue.

And if you fancy yourself a pitmaster — whether in your own backyard, at a competitive level, or as a restaurant owner — then you probably know the benefits of using bbq paper. You may already be using it yourself.

Barbecue paper, more commonly known as pink butcher paper among barbecue lovers, is what pitmasters in the know use to wrap their meats near the end of smoking to protect them from drying out and to preserve the delicious bark that is the result of their hours-long grilling or smoking efforts.

If you aren’t using pink butcher paper, here are three ways you should try it out today:

  1. For the at-home BBQ enthusiast - If you haven’t yet taken your skills as grillmaster on the road, but still love to grill and smoke meat for friends and family, you can start with pink butcher paper sheets. These pre-cut sheets are 18" x 36", easy to use and can be purchased in smaller quantities than rolls. Pink paper butcher sheets are great not only for grilling and smoking your meat, but they also offer a unique and fun way to serve food to your family and guests. You can line your serving plates or baskets with the paper, or even wrap pulled pork sandwiches in them for less mess.
  2. For the competitive grillmaster - If your barbecue skills are competition-ready, then you can choose have options when it comes to barbecue paper. Pink butcher paper sheets will certainly meet your needs for serving samples of your delicious meats. But, if you’re entering many competitions and smoking large amounts of meat, you may want to consider 18" x 150' or 24" x 150' rolls of consumer pink butcher paper rolls. These are perfect when you need larger volumes of paper, and allow you to cut your wrap to various sizes. In addition to cooking and serving your own award-winning barbecue in the paper, rolls give you the option of covering tables at your station as well, and make clean-up a breeze when the competition is over.
  3. For the restaurant owner - If you’re a restaurant owner, you’ll want to go straight to 1000' commercial rolls of pink butcher paper. These rolls allow you to cook, wrap, and serve your meats in the high volumes a restaurant demands, while also giving you the versatility to use pink butcher paper in different ways. You can wrap meats to go, line store or restaurant meat cases, line plates or serving baskets, and even cover tables with the paper.  

Regardless of your unique barbecue paper needs, Oren International can supply all quantities and levels of pink butcher paper. We can also customize paper sheets and rolls for competitions or restaurants, by printing a team or restaurant logo on the paper. This is a great way to stand out at a competition or to improve branding for your restaurant. Ready to get started with your order of pink butcher paper?

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