Try These 3 Restaurant Branding Tactics to Trump the Competition

Posted by Mark Jones on May 6, 2015 9:00:00 AM

FullSizeRenderRunning a restaurant means you’re constantly competing. You have to compete against all the other restaurants in your area. You also have to compete with the option for customers to buy groceries and prepare food at home.

When it comes to competing against a home cooked meal, your best weapons are and always will be ease, selection, and atmosphere. Your customers can cook for themselves, but it takes a lot of work, and their choices can be limited. That’s why they eat out.

But when they leave their homes and start looking for a place to eat, that’s when the tougher competition appears: which restaurant are they going to choose?

Standing out with custom paper for restaurants

Standing out from your competition is key, and there are plenty of creative ways to accomplish that. One that is often overlooked by restaurants and restaurant marketing agencies is to use custom printed paper for restaurants to establish a strong brand in your area and continually market your restaurant to your target audience.

Below are three specific ideas that could very well be the marketing tactic that trumps the competition in your area:

bayona1Branded Table Coverings

If your customers stop and sit for a while, but you still want to project a more casual approach, you could do incredibly creative things with custom printed table coverings.

Whether the table displays the restaurant logo, a standard lunch menu, or even a detailed sketch of the front of your building, it’s guaranteed to get noticed. And the next time your customers choose to sit down at one of the competitor’s tables, it will be missed.

Branded Sandwich Wraps

For subs, deli sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs, a clean and crisp branded sandwich wrap makes a perfect presentation while also helping to hold the sandwich together and keeping in some of the fixings.

We did a custom sandwich wrap for Big Pink that does a beautiful job of setting off their delicious subs from the competition.

basketlinerBranded Basket and Tray Liners

Trays lined with butcher paper have become the standard for authentic barbecue. Similarly, we’ve come to expect burgers, hot dogs, and fries served in a basket with a butcher paper lining.

Augmenting these expectations with a colorful custom branded tray or basket liner adds flair to the presentation of every meal. It also adds another opportunity to cement your brand in the minds of your customers at the moment when its power will be the strongest: while they’re enjoying your great food!

For more great ideas and real life examples of using paper for restaurant marketing, we welcome you to download our free guide, 5 Examples of Dramatically Improved Restaurant Branding.

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