3 Ways Floor Protection Paper Improves Construction Sites

Posted by Alan NeSmith on May 22, 2019 3:14:05 PM

IMG_6978Big construction jobs, and home remodeling projects require heavy duty players. But the most important tool in a builder’s tool belt could be a roll of paper. Different types of paper are playing a big role at construction sites while reinforcing results.

Here are the top 3 ways paper boosts construction sites:


Builders want to ensure their valuable marble, hardwood, tile and granite surfaces stay pristine during construction. The best way to avoid damage and stains is to cover floors and surfaces with Heavy Floor Board, or Contractor Floor Paper. Ordinary kraft paper can tear and allow liquids to seep through but the Heavy Floor Board offers superior protection as well as a moisture barrier. 

Both the Heavy Floor Board and Contractor Floor Paper are easy to use: just roll it out, trim to fit and tape the seams. This water-resistant paper has you covered anywhere you need protection: floors, counters, fixtures, fireplace mantels and more.


Construction sites are often prime targets for theft and vandalism since they house valuable items such as tools and materials. These items are often left in a place without constant supervision. Keep windows covered with kraft paper to prevent curious onlookers from taking inventory of your construction site.

The paper covering does double duty in protecting the windows from drywall and paint splatters.


Take advantage of the promotional opportunity paper window covering provides and turn your construction site into a “Coming Soon” billboard. Kraft paper window coverings custom-printed with graphics not only block people from seeing an unfinished site but provide a preview of what is coming.

Custom kraft paper as a window covering is a cost effective alternative to building a whole construction barricade because it goes up and can be taken down easily once you are ready to open.

See what’s possible with paper today by contacting us to see how industrial paper converter Oren can help develop a foundation at your construction site.

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