NEW Pasteles Paper from Oren International Exceeds Expectations

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Nov 8, 2022 12:30:00 PM

Pasteles 1Making and serving pasteles during the holidays is a Puerto Rican tradition and is a popular dish in many Latin America and Caribbean countries. Pasteles are savory treats that are typically the product of a family team effort. Each person in the family, even the youngest, is assigned a job of grating, mixing, stuffing, or wrapping. Pasteles are made with pork or chicken and adobo stuffing. Then they are encased in a green plantain or yuca masa and wrapped in banana leaves. Finally, they are wrapped in a specialty paper that is engineered to withstand the boiling process. Traditional pasteles are boiled, not steamed. Hold your pasteles together with the best quality pasteles paper, available from Oren International. We have created a premium 12"x12" Oren's Original Pasteles Paper for all your holiday inspired cooking.



What a Wonderful Tradition!

Check out Evelyn Dominguez and her delicious Pasteles!


Oren Pasteles Pack



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