What’s the Difference Between a Tube and a Core?

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Jun 11, 2013 7:30:00 AM

describe the imageAt Oren, we produce a multitude of paper products and paper components. Two words you are likely to hear, often used in the same sentence, are “tubes” and “cores”. Paper cores and tubes are often a cost efficient alternative to other more expensive materials such as plastic, metal, and wood.  While these related items are similar in shape and use, they do have certain features, both in design and technical composition that distinguish one from the other.

The most obvious, elementary rule of thumb:

Tube = The material or product goes inside the paper tube to protect it (i.e. a printed poster goes in a tube)

Core =  A core with your product wrapped around the outside (i.e. giftwrap or tape goes around a core)

At Oren International, we supply the components needed for the production of tubes and cores such as:

  • Top ply
  • Bottom ply
  • Inside ply
  • Outside ply
  • Specialty components
  • Custom printed parts with narrow slitting
  • Branded inner and top ply with printed logos

Some companies wind their own tubes and cores for packaging, and we supply the paper that makes their custom products.  For brands like Levelor, we create the components for tubes that protect their blinds.  Companies that produce steel coils ship their products in their own paper tubes made out of our top and bottom ply products.

At Oren, we are able to produce certain products and custom 3-color branded ply paper for tubes and cores to increase your marketing and branding efforts.  To find out more about tubes, cores and their role helping your business function more cost effectively and smoothly, contact us today.

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