Enhance Your Meat Display With Steak Paper

Posted by Mark Jones on Jul 30, 2013 7:30:00 AM

steakpaperWhen strolling through a local butcher shop or grocery store, checking out the meat on display is a must. A delicious prime rib sitting in a plastic, prepackaged tray may not have the same effect as the same cut of meat boasting on a colorful piece of steak or tray paper. If appearances matter, then steak and tray paper are the missing pieces to spruce up your deli case. Why make the switch?

Steak and tray paper showcase freshness

The quality of your meat is something to share with your customers. Why hide such an important feature in a Styrofoam tray? Instead, allow your fresh meat to shine on a clean, bold piece of steak or tray paper. 

Color makes a difference

Think about the many associations we have with color. Certain colors are pleasing to the eye, and when contrasted against a sirloin steak, can make it that much more delectable. Different colors of steak and tray paper enhance the appearance of meat by letting it shine, front and center.  Learn more about why there are different colors of steak paper and what they’re used for.

It’s the little things

The switch from plastic to colored steak paper or tray paper, or even better, custom printed steak paper, to display your meat can be the difference between a glance and a stare. Because our steak paper is high quality, yet affordable, it is a great solution to your deli display. The effort to stand out and present your meat in a new way is something your customers can appreciate. 

Not only do our steak and tray papers serve as a great way to display meat, but they are high quality, very durable and inhibit blackening and spoilage. Do your meat justice and show off its quality with steak and tray paper. Contact us to learn more!


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