Your Tabletop Covers Can Make a True Impact For the New Year

Posted by Mark Jones on Dec 17, 2013 8:00:00 AM

holiday tabletop coversHow often do you pay attention to the tabletop covers at your favorite restaurant? If they are solid white or black, you probably don’t think twice. As those in the food service industry know, tabletop covers are as important as any other dining feature.

Although butcher paper is usually meant to wrap meat and Kraft paper can be used as dunnage for shipping or for packaging material, the uses for these types of paper gobeyond their traditional roles.

Custom printed butcher paper and Kraft paper can be used as creative tabletop covers at a variety of restaurants. From prints of artistic drawings to landscapes to logos, custom Kraft and butcher tabletop covers can bring once drab tabletops to life. Take a look at how you can make a true impact this year by renovating your tabletop covers:

A brilliant branding opportunity - Take Bayona restaurant in New Orleans, for example. This 200 year-old cottage in the historic French Quarter offers beautiful sketches of the historic building housing the restaurant on their butcher paper tabletop covers. The covers have become so popular that customers have even asked to purchase them!

Bayona new orleans

Entertaining and unique - Maybe you want fun facts or artistic sketches on your tabletop covers. Whatever you decide to have custom printed on butcher or Kraft paper sets you apart from all other restaurants. This cost effective look entertains your customers and sets the tone for your restaurant. Fine dining or casual dives can benefit from a custom design that promotes their personal style, not to mention the ease of clean up with butcher or Kraft paper.

At Oren, we can custom print your tabletop covers on rolls or we offer four standard sizes that fit most restaurant tables for a cleaner look and less waste. Our four standard cuts are 30 x 30, 30 x 48, 36 x 36 and 30 x 64.

Ready to make a true impact this year? Let your restaurant’s tabletop covers do the work. Download our Free Guide on How Paper Can Help Restaurants Improve Their Bottom Line.

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