Are You Getting The Most from Your Butcher Paper Tray Liners?

Posted by Mark Jones on May 27, 2014 8:00:00 AM

tray-liner-sandwich-wrap.pngWhen is the last time you thought about the impact of your restaurant’s tray liners? Many restaurants, food trucks and delis need butcher paper tray liners or table covers to protect trays and tables and to keep food safe. Although food service paper might not initially seem like a strong way to market your restaurant, it’s important to consider the creative ways you can leave a memorable impression of your brand with your customers.  

One unmistakable powerhouse corporation that has mastered its marketing efforts is McDonalds. As we look into bringing intrigue into the seemingly mundane, like burgers and fries, it’s helpful to take note of the ways globally recognized brands like McDonalds have grabbed our attention for years.

Entertain customers at the table

With an annual advertising budget of close to $1 billion, there’s no confusion why the McDonalds brand is so embedded in all of our minds. Not only does the corporation spend a lot to be the industry’s most heavily advertised brand, it uses every possible opportunity in its restaurants for marketing. For many years, McDonalds has produced printed tray liners to delight customers while eating and further impact their brand. Whether they are promoting a contest, a new movie, a major event like the Super Bowl, or challenging you with a McDonald's puzzle, they’re betting on your eyes to look down and see their message. 

Is custom printing right for your restaurant?

One thing to consider is time. When you serve your customers, you have their attention while they dine. Whether it's 20 minutes or two hours, customers could glance at a plain piece of paper, or they could look down to see your logo, artwork, or an interesting story. By entertaining customers with custom printed tray liners or tabletop covers, you have a captive audience for a set time period, which is invaluable.

So, why wouldn’t you spend an extra few pennies per sheet to truly get the most out of your tray liner? Take a look at the actual cost vs. value of personalized butcher paper to find out more.

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