Don’t Let Your Meat Get the Cold Shoulder: Top 3 Freezer Paper Tips

Posted by Mark Jones on Nov 4, 2015 8:00:00 AM

If you’re hunting this season, or know someone who is, or you’ve come across some incredible deals at the local deli and want to stock up on meat, this is the cheat sheet for you. 

This season, don't let your meat get the cold shoulder. Find out how to achieve longer-lasting freshness and a better looking and better tasting cut of meat all with the right storage techniques. 

Tip #1 – Choose the right freezer paper 

Freezer paper is the perfect wrap for meat that needs to stay fresh and tasty for an extended period of time in the freezer. 

Why? It's designed to conform to the exact shape of the cut of meat being wrapped. This, combined with the poly coating moisture barrier on one side, creates a perfect airtight seal that zips moisture in and air out. The result is the long storage shelf life without danger of freezer burn.

Another factor that should be considered is maintaining safe handling of meat. Some inferior freezer papers don’t meet strict guidelines to protect meat, so it's important to search for FDA-approved food service papers.

Tip #2 – Learn how to wrap your meat the right way

Even the highest quality freezer paper can't fully protect meat if it's wrapped incorrectly.

Here’s a quick meat wrapping guide we published a few months ago as a refresher:

  • Place the cut of meat in the center of a large enough sheet of freezer paper with the shiny side up.
  • Bring the top and bottom edges of the paper together above the meat, fold them together and crease.
  • Continue to fold that creased edge until it is flush with the surface of the meat.
  • Remove all air bubbles above and below the meat, then wrap the sides down and around the bottom to create a sealed package.
  • Use quality freezer tape to seal every seam, finishing the air- and water-tight package.

Tip #3 – Spice it up a little bit

While standard and natural freezer paper are perfect for protecting meat, it's also true that variety goes a long way in improving the experience!

One great example of spicing up your wrapped meat is with our specialty Camo Freezer Paper for hunters, meat processors, and at-home chefs. This camo printed paper is the perfect decorative touch to your meat storage and helps you set certain cuts of meat apart from those wrapped in unprinted paper. 

To get started, contact us to learn more or to order your own supply of Camo Freezer Paper.


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