Drab Deli Wrap? How to Add Value to Sandwich Wrapping Paper

Posted by Mark Jones on Oct 5, 2016 10:01:00 AM

Sandwich Wrapping PaperIf your foodservice business involves making sandwiches to go, you may be using butcher paper or something similar to keep those sandwiches and wraps looking and tasting great while making them convenient for customers to grab and go without making a mess.

Delis, sub shops, and other fast-service lunch stops have been wrapping sandwiches this way for generations. It’s economical, versatile, and it just simply works.

But, here’s a question you may not have considered:

Could this simple act of wrapping each sandwich in paper actually add value to your business? It definitely can, and here’s how:

Don’t be satisfied with wasted space

If you’ve always used plain white butcher paper, or something else similarly standard, you’re actually wasting a great opportunity to catch your customer’s eye and improve your restaurant’s bottom line.

Take a lesson from the big fast food franchises: Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King… what do all of their sandwich wraps look like? Are they plain, solid colored, and anonymous? No.

They’re generally bright, colorful, and covered with the restaurant’s logo, maybe the name of the signature sandwich that’s inside, and - in some cases - even more involved marketing messages.

We know that these successful corporations that license their name and business model out to franchise owners worldwide don’t waste money or effort on branding that doesn’t work. So why do they all agree that custom printed sandwich wrapping paper is worth using?

Because they know the value of branding and the power of suggestion.

How custom printed sandwich wrapping paper can boost your success

The same simple strategy can work for you, too, even if you’re running a small neighborhood deli.

For just pennies above what you’re already paying for your sandwich wrapping paper, you can have that paper custom printed with your deli’s name, logo, address or other contact information.

Then, as passersby see and smell the fantastic sandwich your customer is enjoying, they can easily recognize where it came from and how to get their own. Likewise, a customer who may have dropped into your establishment on a whim can glance at the paper their food came wrapped in and make a mental note of where they want to spend more of their lunch money in the future.

Even crumpled up in a garbage can long after the sandwich has been enjoyed, a custom printed deli wrap can spark curiosity or recognition in a passerby, potentially resulting in a sale down the road that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

If you’re still using drab deli wrap and want to upgrade to custom printed sandwich wrapping paper that’s going to offer a greater return on your investment, contact us today to learn more and place your order.

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