Freezer Paper Helps You Stay Quick on the Draw this Hunting Season

Posted by Mark Jones on Sep 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Freezer Paper Helps You Stay Quick on the Draw this Hunting SeasonWhen you’re hunting, it’s invaluable to have an experienced and trusted partner you can rely on to back you up at all times. Not only does it make hunting more fun, but it’s often more productive and safer too.

While your handy roll of freezer paper doesn’t technically fill the same role as your favorite hunting buddy, when you’re trudging through the woods tracking deer, it can enhance your hunting excursion in these three important ways:

A more productive hunt

Once you bag your game, dressing and butchering is an aspect of the hunt that many hunters enjoy. Of course, your butchering efforts are only as good as the storage options you have available, since the meat needs to be quickly sealed up and protected if it’s going to be fresh and flavorful when you’re ready to eat it.

Compared to Ziplock bags or aluminum foil - options hunters sometimes rely on - freezer paper offers a better combination of protection from freezer burn and better moisture retention without risking affecting the flavor of the meat. That means you’ll lose less of your game to spoilage.

A safer way to store meat

For many of the same reasons, freezer paper offers a safer option for storing game as well. When a cut of meat is properly protected from air and moisture, it can be stored for upwards of a year and still come out fresh and packed with flavor.

If it’s not stored properly, though, not only could the freezer damage the meat, but it could also have an effect on how quickly and/or thoroughly it thaws when you take it out to prepare. This could impact cooking time, or even allow for bacteria to form in the thawed meat. On the other hand, using freezer paper offers a consistent, reliable seal.

More fun during hunting season

This may be subjective, but think about it: when you know that your go-to roll of freezer paper is going to allow you to preserve the most meat out of every kill, and that the meat you get is going to stay fresher longer, and is less likely to be lost to spoilage, doesn’t that just make the entire process that much more rewarding?

For more information on how freezer paper can be a helpful partner this hunting season, contact us and take a look at our hunting-themed camo freezer paper option.

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