2 Ways Polycoated Paper Offers Durability and Versatility

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Jun 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM

polycoated-paper-4.jpgIf you’ve ever come across a sturdy piece of paper that appears to have a waxy or shiny coating on one or both sides, then you have probably encountered polycoated paper. Its special design and durability makes this paper versatile for a number of different business uses and industries, from foodservice to steel production to packaging and shipping.

The distinct polyethylene coating that helps protect against water, oil and grease can be applied to various types of paper, from white and natural kraft papers, to linerboard, and more. Depending on the use, this coating can be added to one or both sides of the paper.

Preserving and Serving Food

In the foodservice industry, for example, freezer paper is widely used to wrap and serve various types of food. The single-sided coating is ideal for wrapping cuts of meat for butcher shops, grocery store delis, and restaurants. Hunters and butcher shops can even choose camo printed freezer paper to wrap their meats after butchering.

The coating applied to different types of foodservice paper helps meat avoid drying out during freezing by keeping the moisture locked in instead of allowing it to seep through as it would with a porous, uncoated paper. This is because polycoated paper improves moisture vapor transfer rate (MVTR), the rate at which water vapor moves through a substance. The more polycoating that’s applied, the lower the MVTR.

This type of paper can also be used in delis or restaurants for wrapping and serving sandwiches, burgers or other meals.

Protection for Industrial Products

For industrial use, polycoated paper provides the durability necessary for functions such as wrapping bundles of wood, steel and other heavy-duty materials for which uncoated paper would be too flimsy.

These industries generally use scrim reinforced paper, which can be coated on one or both sides.  

Polycoated paper is also a staple in shipping, where durability is essential for cardboard boxes of all sizes. Coated linerboard serves as the foundation material for corrugated cardboard and other shipping materials that are used everyday across a number of businesses and industries. Linerboard can also be used for floor covering, pallet liners, interleaving and slip sheets.

No matter what industry you’re working in, there are a variety of paper grades that can be custom coated on one or both sides with polyethylene or other vapor barriers designed to keep food and other products safe.

You can also add custom printing to any type of polycoated paper to advertise your company’s brand, logo, message or even add a coupon or special offer. If you’re looking for a polycoated paper supplier, contact Oren International today.

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