What Do You Really Know About Butcher Block Paper?

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Sep 13, 2017 9:00:00 AM

StLribs5.jpgWhat is it about butcher paper that makes it a necessary fixture of any deli, grocer or backyard BBQ? While extremely versatile, the secret behind this specialty paper goes beyond its use as a food basket liner or makeshift placemat.

The term butcher block paper dates back to the early 19th century — a distinction for when butchers started using paper to keep their workspaces clean. Those workspaces were often referred to as butcher blocks, a style of assembled wood used as sturdy chopping blocks, cutting boards and tables. Soon after, paper was being designed to meet the specific needs of butchers that had come to expect cleanliness and food safety at an affordable cost.

Like kraft paper, butcher block paper is created from wood chips that are refined into pulp, and then the pulp is processed into paper. However, butcher paper stands out for its sturdiness, low cost and superior protection against blood saturation and food-borne illness due to its moisture resistant properties.

Main Butcher Block Paper Uses

Butcher block paper serves two main purposes: aesthetic and food safety. Whether on the butcher block, or in a customer’s hands, butcher paper is like gift wrapping for choice cuts. FDA approved butcher paper is also proven to enhance food safety by resisting blood and stains, so butcher paper keeps food safe, and looks good doing it.

Flexographic printing adds that personal touch people love to experience when eating out or taking food to go. Custom logos can be printed on butcher paper to help brand delis, grocery stores and restaurants — this makes it easy for independent operators to keep food safe while also advertising their business. Serving memorable meat begins with presentation, and butcher paper is the foundation of any good display and packaging.

Butcher Block Paper + BBQ

Oren International’s pink butcher paper is used by BBQ aficionados across the globe to wow customers. Famed pitmaster Aaron Franklin set himself apart through innovation, and that included — you guessed it — pink butcher paper. There are a variety of ways to make meat stand out. Whether it’s small quantity for a backyard BBQ or a 1000-foot commercial roll for a restaurant (or a really, really big backyard BBQ), pink butcher paper is, pound for pound, the best way to set your meat apart from the competition before customers even take their first bite.

Oren International offers innovative, affordable paper products for those looking to grill the competition. CounterKraft white and pink butcher paper is 100 percent FDA approved, and a proven solution for protecting butcher blocks from oil, blood and stain. To ensure a memorable experience for customers, high-quality butcher paper with custom printing options is a must.

For more information on upgrading style and safety in your deli, restaurant, grocery store or even at your next backyard BBQ, contact Oren International today.

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