Which Commercial Freezer Paper Option is Right for You?

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Dec 14, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Which Commercial Freezer Paper Option is Right for You?For those in the grocery store, meat processing, and other commercial industries that use (literally) tons of freezer paper annually, deciding which commercial freezer paper is right for you is an important question. Answering it comes down to how your business uses freezer paper, and what type of presentation you want to deliver to customers. Read on to help decide which option is right for you:

What are the two main choices in commercial freezer paper?

The two main choices available for commercial-use freezer paper are: white freezer paper that many people have known and used for decades, and natural freezer paper.  

White freezer paper was developed with one poly coated side to create an excellent air and moisture-tight seal around meat and other food products, protecting them from freezer burn and keeping them flavorful for months. The uncoated side provides a perfect surface for easy labeling, so you never have to play the guessing game when grabbing a package from the freezer.

Natural freezer paper, also known as brown freezer paper, is manufactured and functions the same way, and it’s just as effective as white freezer paper for its intended purpose. But, in recent years, it’s been in high demand as many businesses appeal to customers and shift toward a more natural aesthetic.

Why is natural commercial freezer paper becoming more popular?

Natural freezer paper is becoming more popular because of its rustic, earthy look as opposed to the crisp, white look of traditional freezer paper.

This falls right in line with the huge surge in popularity of the farm-to-table movement, which involves the public’s interest in all-natural, organic, and responsibly-manufactured food and other products. It’s also connected to the incredible rise in popularity of pink butcher paper as a symbol of a more authentic, rustic eating experience - especially involving barbecue.

Why should you take some time deciding which kind of freezer paper to use?

Consider: how well do you know your customers? Or, your customers’ customers? Are you certain whether they prefer to purchase food products wrapped in natural freezer paper or white freezer paper?

It may sound like a simple decision, but it could make all the difference in how customers perceive and value your business and products. If you need some help figuring out which type of freezer paper is best for your unique situation, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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