Don’t Lose Your Year End Budget, Order Your Paper Packaging Supplies

Posted by Mark Jones on Dec 3, 2013 7:45:00 AM

paper packaging suppliesMany companies have a budget that expires at the end of the year, and managing that budget can be tricky. The balance between saving enough money for emergencies and spending enough money appropriately can be a challenge for any organization. If you don’t spend your budget by the end of the year, your company could run the risk of losing the same allocation of funds next year. 

To avoid this, it’s important for companies to review which departments can improve their year-end budget. For many companies, office and paper supplies are necessary expenses that can help use up their year-end budget on time.

Newspaper companies and other organizations that order paper-packaging supplies represent industries that must fulfill their yearly budget. Take a look at how your company can preserve your year-end budget by ordering paper packaging supplies now.

Paper helps your budget

For most organizations, there’s always a need for paper supplies throughout the year, either for shipping, industrial or office uses. Recycled Kraft paper is one of the most common packaging materials used as dunnage to fill boxes or as bottom wrap to protect newspapers. At Oren, we offer Kraft paper rolls in standard weights ranging from 30-70 pounds to meet your office’s paper packaging supply needs.

Bottom wrap is natural Kraft paper that wraps newspaper bundles to protect the bottom copy of newspapers from dirt and damage. For accounting and packing managers with a residual budget spend, placing an order for more bottom wrap this year can help preserve your packaging supply budget for next year.

Whether you’re in the market for bottom wrap, dunnage or Kraft paper for other uses, you have the opportunity to improve your year-end budget, and we’re here to help. Ready to place your order? Let us know how we can help supply what you need before the New Year.

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