Does Your Meat Paper Need a Makeover? 3 Options to Consider

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Mar 8, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Does Your Meat Paper Need a Makeover?If you’re a butcher working in a meat department or deli, chances are you’re using a single type of paper for various purposes — displaying, wrapping, cooking, or storing meats. And beyond ensuring that the meat paper you’re using is FDA approved, you probably don’t give it much additional thought.

But did you know there are more (and more colorful) options when it comes to paper and the purposes for which it can be used in your business?

If you’ve been doing the same thing, with the same paper, it’s time to give your meat paper a makeover.

There are three paper varieties to consider:

When it comes to showcasing meats, steak paper (also called tray paper) is the best option. Steak paper resists staining and soak through, and decreases blackening and spoilage to enhance the appearance of meats. Besides conveying to your customers that your inventory is fresh, steak paper allows you to display entire cuts of meat, without hiding them in a bland styrofoam container.

Add some color

Steak paper comes in several colors, and choosing colors based on the type of meat you’re showcasing will go a long way towards boosting the curb appeal of your display cases. This paper is available in pink, black and green.

Let’s take a look at how you can use each color to improve your meat case’s first impression:

  • Pink paper complements the natural hues of pork, poultry and fish. Similarly, peach paper can make the pink tints of these meats look whiter, while preserving freshness.
  • Green paper contrasts nicely with the colors of steak and other cuts of beef.
  • Black paper is generally used to display high-quality cuts of beef such as angus.

Beyond the butcher shop

Another extremely popular food service paper that many delis use is butcher paper. Thanks to its moisture-resistant qualities, butcher paper is popular even outside of the butcher shop. It’s used for all sorts of things, including arts and crafts and covering restaurant tables. Inside the butcher shop however, its moisture resistance is best suited for wrapping meat for transportation. For restaurant owners, it’s can also be used for cooking fish and smoking meat.  

Butcher paper is also available in different colors — white and pink. White is generally the preference for wrapping meats.

Pink butcher paper has become the darling of the barbecue scene as a favorite choice for smoking brisket. Thanks to barbecue aficionado Aaron Franklin, pink paper is now synonymous with authentic Texas BBQ.

Don’t get burned

When it comes to meat storage, you may be using the same paper you’re using for everything else, when you really should be using proper freezer paper.

Freezer paper will extend the life, and flavor of every type of meat, poultry and fish. This is because it’s specially crafted to conform to the shape of the food item being wrapped and it is poly coated to keep moisture in and eliminate freezer burn. It’s also safe to write on so that you can identify the cut, quantity and day the meat was packaged. And if you’re looking to get creative in your shop’s storage, check out our camouflage freezer paper.

With all of the varieties of meat paper available, there’s no reason you should be using the same paper for everything. So give your meat paper a makeover and see how your shop benefits. Have questions? Contact us today, we’d love to help you find the right meat paper for your business.

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