How Pink Butcher Paper is Improving BBQ Worldwide

Posted by Alan NeSmith on Jun 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM

pink-butcher-paper-chicken-wings.pngIt’s barbecue season, people! Folks around the U.S. will be doing their fair share of grilling and smoking in the coming months — and they’ll all be looking to create masterpieces that are the envy of the neighborhood.

Barbecue connoisseurs — from the backyard to the professional level — know that pink butcher paper has become an important trick of the trade when you’re cooking up some mouth-watering barbecue.

In the United States over the past several years we’ve seen barbecue aficionados, including Aaron Franklin, use pink butcher paper to take briskets and ribs to the next level because they know it keeps the meat from drying out and helps preserve the delicious bark they tend to so carefully in the hours-long meat smoking process.

Taking a cue from Franklin and others, the pink paper trend has spread like wildfire across restaurants and backyards from Texas and North Carolina to Chicago and Brooklyn.

The pink butcher paper trend is growing across the globe

There’s no question that pink butcher paper (also referred to as peach paper) has been instrumental in breathing new life into barbecue, rekindling interest in the art of barbecuing and smoking delicious fare. But pink paper is gaining traction outside of the U.S. too.

The trend’s popularity is spreading around the globe with barbecue enthusiasts everywhere clamoring to get their hands on rolls of this paper. As a major supplier of pink butcher paper to customers around the world, we’ve seen its use expanding. We’ve recently shipped pink butcher paper as far as the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, England, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and Puerto Rico.

But why this international fervor among BBQ lovers? What makes pink butcher paper the best choice for delicious barbecue?

  1. Unlike other possible wraps, peach paper is FDA approved, so you can feel confident it’s going to be safe for your family, friends, or your customers.
  2. Pink paper is porous, but provides excellent holdout against grease and juices. As a result, it protects meat, keeps every cut juicy and flavorful, while letting enough moisture out to retain that delicious bark.
  3. It’s an alternative to what is known as “The Texas Crutch” (wrapping meats in foil) because aluminum foil can retain too much moisture, essentially steaming the meat and ruining the bark.
  4. Pink butcher paper is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, including pre-cooking prep work, presentation (as a tray liner or sandwich wrap, for example,) and to neatly wrap up to-go orders and doggy bags.  
  5. Finally, it’s available in a variety of sizes to meet different needs, since it doesn’t always make sense for a twice-per-summer barbecuer to need 200 yard rolls of butcher paper like a busy BBQ joint in downtown Austin might.

If you’re outside the U.S. and are a barbecue enthusiast looking for pink butcher paper for use at your own backyard barbecues this season, for your restaurant, or to distribute, you have two choices:

  1. Contact a local distributor in your area. (If you’re not sure who distributes top quality paper in your area, contact us and we would be happy to help.)
  2. Reach out to us at Oren International to place an order for the size and quantity of rolls you need and have it shipped directly to you. (Don’t forget you can get peach paper in convenient individual sheets too!)

Oren supplies FDA-approved pink butcher paper in the U.S. and around the globe. If you’d like more information on the best option for your barbecue needs or to place an order, contact us today.

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